Hi there and welcome to redmare!


redmare.com.au was created with the sole purpose to help everyone in the equine world, from beginners to seasoned veterans, and occasional pleasure riders to elite professionals. This online platform was created as a way to bring the services, products and advice you’ll need to make your horse related dreams go from the beginners’ class to riding in the opens.


At redmare we believe in transparency, as CEO and founder it’s a fundamental rule that has been instilled in my country up bringing from a young age. So, I thought that maybe I should do a little bit of an intro blog post and tell you a little about the redmare team, and how we actually ended up here, going on this ride. Everyone on the team comes from quite different backgrounds.

Meet the Team

As you may have gathered, my name is Ellen, I am the CEO and Founder of redmare. I was born & raised country (to the bone) in Bourke & Dubbo NSW. I have an older sister Emma, who is also on this wild redmare ride with me as my chief marketing/social media consultant. Emma’s husband, Steve (better known as DeveloperSteve), is our chief tech expert… ‘Developer’ is literally his middle name! Legally and everything!

My darling husband, Josh, also a country boy, is as far from the world of academics & tech as you will find. He is that old school, hands on, Mr Fixit. For a living he drives stock trucks, mostly carting cattle, and does farm work when required. We are both very outdoorsy/farm life/country people, and while I would love to be in the same type of role as him, my body just won’t allow it. While Josh isn’t as hands on with the tech side, he is the best supporter/cheer leader somebody could ever wish for! He is also an amazing sounding board for the frustrations; and also the best person to test things on the site that MUST be user friendly, for non-tech people, just like him.

A bit of background on me specifically, as the founder of this redmare idea: I grew up as a feral bush kid. Emma and I had horses all our lives, though our dreams and aspirations were always very different (read: completely chalk & cheese!). Emma is very creative and so hence has followed that path in life, whereas all I ever wanted, was to train horses. Even to this day, that is my dream.


Like many, I did not grow up with unlimited funds, nor was I ever a world class talented rider (you know, good enough to gain attention for scholarships/sponsorships etc.). After a little bit of floundering for a few years after I left school at the end of year 11, I went into the world of nursing.


While nursing, to you, may not seem so ‘out of the ordinary’; for me, it was so left of centre that it was almost laughable! Anyway, here we are, 12 years later, I specialise in trauma, triage and emergency care, While I am good at it, and I do love it, my dream has always been in the world of horse training. So given the physical strain aspect of that career path, we have just pivoted a little, because I am all about the horses, and all about the people = redmare.

In my adult life, I have lived in Maitland, Katherine, Mt Isa, Julia Creek, Tamworth, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Hermidale, Tamworth (again); and now Orange NSW. Emma and I have both worked in various family businesses since we could see over the counter, count change, and answer the phone in a mature fashion (and be helpful, not just say ‘I’ll get mum/dad’). My earliest recollection was at about 6-7 years old. So we both know what ‘small business’ is about, in rural Australia; having been in it since we can remember.


Myself & Josh, as well as Emma & Steve, have had some lives, let’s say. Every one of us has been around the block a couple of times in our own ways; so as a team, we bring vastly different experiences to the table! So this is amazing! However, it does get ‘interesting’ at Christmas time occasionally…

redmare, from dream to reality

With redmare, I want to help make someone else’s horse training (and all other vocations) dream to come true. I want to help them get their business off the ground, out there for everyone to see, and be easily found. Being someone who has moved around a lot, I also know the frustration of finding good, reliable, quality, equine service providers. Particularly when you don’t really know anyone in the area to ask… it kind of becomes a ‘trial & error’ task.


Honestly, I swear I see upwards of 20 posts daily, just scrolling through my social media news feed e.g. ‘who’s the best farrier in the area?’; ‘does anyone know a good float repairer?’ etc. It is frustrating to see on the daily. It is frustrating from the service providers perspective because they aren’t being found, and they may feel like a fraud if they ‘self-promote’ vs waiting for one of their clients to recommend them. But mostly, it’s so darn frustrating for the poster, because they’ve probably searched and googled for days, before turning to ‘ask social networks’ for opinions… of which the responses always have to be taken with a grain of salt anyway!


So, I guess there it is! That is a very brief summary of us; who we are and where we have come from; and a very brief summary of how we come to be taking this redmare for a ride. The redmare name is its own story! Here’s a few fun pics of my 4 legged family, just coz.

Please feel free to hit us up with any questions via the various avenues available (email, contact us form, any of the social medias). We will be more than happy to help you out wherever we possibly can.


Happy trails, have an amazing day/night wherever you are, and CHEERS!


Ellen Howchin